Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nubs Pouch

This is something I made last night in about an hour and a half. I don't know about anyone else, but I am always putting the protective needle nubs down and then misplacing them. Or my kids will run off with them, or stick them in their mouths, yuck! So I made this pouch to hang around my neck. It is quick and simple, plus you could enlarge it and make a small purse for you kids. I chose to do a stockinette stitch because I like the look of it better than garter stitch.


size 3 crochet thread

size 6 needles

size 2 crochet hook - for the strap

CO 16 sts.

Row 1: knit

Row 2: purl

*repeat rows 1 & 2 untl you have 32 rows*

**The last rows you will be reducing sts. off the sides**

Row 33: k2tog, K12, k2tog

Row 34: p2tog, P10, p2tog

Row 35: k2tog, K8, k2tog

Row 36: p2tog, P6, p2tog

Row 37: k2tog, K4, k2tog

Row 38: p2tog, P2, p2tog

Row 39: k2tog, k2tog

Row 40: p2tog

Bind Off

STRAP -- using your crochet hook make a chain stitch to the length that you want it. My strap was 24in.

-->Then iron or steam your piece, since stockinette curls. Then fold so that the pouch is 16 rows, and at the triangle flap as well. It helps to press it again to hold it's shape while you whip stitch the sides closed. I also tacked the top two corners of the triangle flap down so that it would lay flatter. After that it is just a matter of making a 'chain stitch' strap the length that you desire and attaching it to the pouch. Enjoy!

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Ratliffs said...

What a good idea! We just have a needle zip up pouch that I put mine in.